Important Safe Driving Tips Every Driver Should Know

Driving is an essential part of our everyday lives. Whether it’s our commute to work or an extended road trip, driving is the main way most of us get where we need to go. We’re fairly dependent on driving, so it’s crucial that every driver knows how to keep themselves, their passengers, other drivers, and nearby pedestrians safe. These safe driving tips are important to keep in mind as you shift into gear and take to the road.

Keep Yourself Focused on Driving

According to Mock Theory Test, many drivers don’t realize that "if [they] only look forward when driving, [they're] unaware of more than 60 percent of what's happening around [them]." There’s a lot to keep track of as you drive, and preventing distractions is key to avoiding dangerous situations. As hard as it may be, you need to make sure that you aren’t on your phone, eating, or doing anything else that splits your focus. To ensure that you’re aware at all times, you should put away anything that could distract you. This way, you can keep an eye out for important traffic signs or other cars merging into your lane.

Following all signs, signals, and drivers requires your full attention, no matter how much experience you have. You should be sure that you can see the entire area around your vehicle from where you sit. If you’re worried about your ability to see the road in its entirety, investing in a wide angle mirror lens can help eliminate blind spots and make you a more focused driver.

Drive Defensively

It’s important to think of your safety as you drive, even if you’re used to getting out of tight spots. Driving defensively requires that you remain aware of what other drivers are doing so that you can be ready to react quickly when the situation arises. It’s recommended that you keep enough distance between cars so you can stop with little notice. You should also maintain an even larger gap when driving in bad weather.

Create Good Driving Habits

Certain driving practices can help keep you safer while also making your trips more efficient. For example, if you put your seatbelt on and adjust your mirrors before you shift the vehicle into gear, you won’t need to do either as you drive. In addition, if you plan out the trip before you leave, you can keep your focus on driving rather than navigating.

Take Care of Yourself

Above all else, you should make sure you’re in the physical condition to drive. Driving under the influence, or even while tired, hinders your ability to respond as quickly as you need to and stay focused on your surroundings. It’s also important to know whether you’re easily distracted by passengers. If you find that passengers in your vehicle tend to take your attention away from the road, you may need to take fewer passengers to remain focused.

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Six smart ways to fight sleep deprivation as a truck driver

Truck driving is likely one of the most challenging jobs out there. There are many ever-changing external factors, and the driver itself is not excluded here. For many newcomers, it’s quite a shock when their expectations are confronted with day-to-day driving reality. Irregular sleep time can be one of the harshest things a new driver will have to adapt to at the end of the day.

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Manual or automatic transmission? That is the question

There is a heated discussion among drivers in the United States (and probably other countries) regarding what the "real truck driver" drives. Manual or automatic transmission? In this short article, I would like to look at it from different angles in order to answer that question. Maybe even take the burden off many of you out there.

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5 effective ways to maintain a strong relationship as a truck driver 

If there was a ranking of jobs that makes relationships very difficult to maintain, long-haul truck driving job would probably be somewhere on the top. The reason is pretty obvious. Presence. Or more precisely, its lack. Sometimes, for multiple weeks. That does not, however, mean that it’s not possible for you to live in a long-term relationship or hook up with someone new. In this article, we’ll delve into the topic and share some tips on how to keep your distance-relationship going.

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13 tips on how to stay fit & healthy on the road despite having little time

Staying in good shape while being over-the-road truck driver may prove quite challenging for the majority of drivers. Especially being on the road for weeks at times. Modern culture offers endless temptations lurking right behind the corner in the form of the next “drive-thru”. Sodas, burgers, candies and what not. That does not, however, mean that your fate is sealed and you cannot stay fit. With a little bit of motivation backed up by self-discipline, you can actually enjoy good health. There are a couple of things to consider if you really want to get yourself fired up.

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The importance of the CB radio in the truck community

There is arguably no other thing associated with truck drivers as much as using CB radio. Since its invention in 1945, it is still popular among professional truck drivers all around the world; especially, outside of the “West”. Popularized by pop culture and movies like “Smokey and the Bandit”, “Convoy” or "Breaker! Breaker!", it reached its peak in the late 70’s. Although it is often replaced by modern means of communications such as driver apps and GPS access on every smartphone, it still has its old faithful fans.

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Importance of rear view mirrors for safety on roads

According to the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) out of the 6 million car accidents that happen on U.S. roads every year, over 40% of them (2.5 million) are rear-end collisions (2013). Between 240,000 and 610,000 reported lane-change crashes occur annually. They result on average in 60,000 injuries, most of which are whiplash related. 

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